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Parfums with Purpose

Experience the sumptuous elegance of Artisan Parfums

 Distinctive. Rarefied. Exalted.





Give Yourself Permission to Blossom

Life... I love its sensuous pleasures 

  • Taste: Salty, sweet, spiciness of foods are mouthwatering.
  • Sight: Nature inspires me, the intense grandness of the oceans and mountains; flowers and birds, their colors, outrageously brilliant.
  • Touch: Only with a body can we experience the ecstasy of touch.
  • Sound: I love music, it encourages my body to move.
  • Scent: Impassions me! Fragrance takes me on a journey into taste, sight, touch and sound. I feel scent and it changes my Life. 

Secretly, I'm a hermit,

... Because the world can be overwhelming. However, I unapologetically embrace all that is beautiful on this Earth, including tears. What motivates me? I give myself permission to blossom.

I'm a sensitive intuitive

I feel deeply. I receive information in many forms. Clairvoyant (pictures), Clairaudient (thoughts), Clairsentient (feelings), Clairgustance (taste and smell), and Claircognizance (a sense of knowing). This gift allows me to perceive what is possible.

 I write and I create scents to inspire

To inspire others to be all that they can possibly be. Utilizing my visions, the alchemist in me crafts and concocts. I offer them to inspire you, to assist you to breakout of what binds you, and to embrace the reality of your Dreams. 


Instagram :   @ IxchelLeigh


Since the 1980's I have donated a portion of the sales of my products to non-profits that offer reliable water sources and promote clean water, for communities around the world.  


I wish to thank the multi-talented and lovely Melissa Bedi @hmubymelbe (on Instagram) for my makeup, hair and personal photos.

My exquisite jewelry is by the creative artist Julie Shaw @julieshawdesigns.


Can scent influence your potential?