Since the 1980's I have donated a portion of the sales of my products to non-profits that offer reliable water sources and promote clean water, for communities around the world. 

  Stand for Something... CLEAN WATER!

NATURE inspires me! The power, expansiveness, colors... I feel connected in Nature. Being in nature is good for our sanity. 

CLEAN WATER! For the people of the world, having a reliable source of clean water means THRIVING! Everyone requires water! Our oceans and seas are polluted. Many communities in the western US are in the middle of a drought, dangerously affecting the supply of water. In developing countries, women and children are affected the most, because usually they are the ones collecting the water, which can take hours out of their day. Giving them back those hours equals education. Since the 1980's, I have donated a portion of the sales of my products to non-profits that provide clean water solutions around the world. Non-profits include:,,, Pure Water for the World, and Water for Good.

The Crisis - The global water crisis claims 3.4 million lives each year. To us it's not just a statistic. It's 3.4 million people with names, families, hopes and dreams. When confronted with reality, we must respond. This is not someone else's crisis... it's all of ours!

           Since the 1980's I have donated a portion of sales to non-profits focused on clean water.      

"When people gain access to clean water, amazing things happen. Jobs are created, sickness is prevented, childhoods are restored, and communities are transformed. These are the stories that compel us to forge ahead until everyone has access to safe water."    -