1st ChakraAura: Base of Spine - COURAGE

1st ChakraAura: Base of Spine - COURAGE


The Purpose

Physical Transformation: Helps to establish physical energy, revitalizing, opens the way for health and healing, helps you maintain a sense of balance and control in your life, strengthening, energizing, grounding, and protective. Gives a strong base of understanding and encourages longevity through adversity.


Essential Oil Ingredients

  • Lemon Citrus limon – Dispels sluggishness, clears negative energy, revitalizes.
  • Elemi Canarium luzonicum – Helps to feel grounded, secure, connected to Life. Known also as: “as above, so below.
  • Tagetes Tagetes glandulifera – A marigold that exudes the attribute: longevity through adversity.
  • Patchouli Pogostemum cablin – Helps you maintain your connection to the physical body.
  • Vetiver Vetiveria zizanoides – Balances the entire chakra system. Aids those who feel too sensitive to outside forces.
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