2nd ChakraAura: Sacral - CREATE

2nd ChakraAura: Sacral - CREATE


The Purpose

Creative Transformation: Helps to stir and enliven your creative energies, while balancing the emotions related to all forms of creativity. Invites wealth, love, happiness, and health, quite mental chatter, prepare for physical healing and spiritual connection to the Divine. Helps begin healing from any dysfunctional sexual behavior or choices.


Essential Oil Ingredients

  • Cardamom Elettarria cardamomum – Stirs the creative energies and/or overcome blockages to creative expression. 
  • Dill Anthum graveolens – Helps to protect your energetic space from the envy of others; stimulates desire.
  • Lavendin Lanvandula x intermedia hybrid – An energetic purifier and energy boost when feeling sluggish.
  • Sweet Marjoram Origanium marjorana – Enhances the probabilities for attracting: love, happiness, health, and wealth.
  • Sandalwood Mysore Santalum album – Stimulates the imagination and quiets mental chatter, helps your focus.
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