5th ChakraAura: Throat – TRUTH

5th ChakraAura: Throat – TRUTH


The Purpose

Transformation of Expression: Opens communication and honestly expressing yourself, clearly communicating with a balanced heart and mind. Communicate without anger, ego, or animosity; helps clear stuck emotions. Enhances clear-sightedness so you can see the truth and be able to speak what you see.


Essential Oil Ingredients

  • Cananga Cananga odorata – Uplifting and enhances a youthful feeing; helps remove feelings of being stuck.
  • German Chamomile Matricaria chamomilla – Helps you communicate without anger, harmful ego, or animosity.
  • Tanacetum Tanacetum annuum – Purging and cleansing, clear stuck emotions, letting go of the moment and releasing concerns, in order to relax or focus.
  • Thyme Thymus vulgaris –Helps to eliminate old habit patterns that are not healthy. Helps people who have separated themselves from the world (especially in an extended retreat) to re-enter.
  • Mugwort Artemesia vulgaris – VERY POTENT! May deepen dreaming and recall.
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