7th ChakraAura: Crown – INSPIRATION

7th ChakraAura: Crown – INSPIRATION


The Purpose

Spiritual Transformation: Helps to open and strengthen your spiritual energy. Humanity derives from the words: “Hu” from the Sufi word for Spirit; “manity” refers to mankind. We are humans on the Earth to bring in and integrate spirituality for the existence of all.


Essential Oil Ingredients

  • Cedarwood Cedrus atlantica – Enhances spirituality and strengthens an individual’s connection to the Divine. Helps maintain a sense of balance in Life. Helps clear out unwanted energies, thoughts, feelings.
  • Roman Chamomile Anthemia nobilis – Aids healing on the highest spiritual levels. Deep soothjing from emotional pain.
  • Frankincense Boswellia carterii – Opens a personal space to experience the eternal spiritual energy available to all.
  • Jasmine Jasmine officinalis – The balance of opposites, helps uplift.
  • Ho Leaf Ho Sho Cinnamomum – Helps to call forth an individual’s highest spiritual aspects, aiding you to “walk your talk.”
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