9th ChakraAura: Astral Body Aura – KNOWING

9th ChakraAura: Astral Body Aura – KNOWING


The Purpose

Transformation to Universal Love: It is important to embrace our human-ness while reaching for spiritual unity. Helps bring acceptance and understanding of the Circle of Life, creating a feeling of unity. 


Essential Oil Ingredients

  • Osha Root Ligusticum porteri – When this essential oil is intentionally used in transformational work with focused intent, it can promote intense spiritual renewal.
  • Melissa Melissa officinalis – Helps dispel fear and regret and bring acceptance and understanding to any situation.
  • Angelica Seed Angelica archangelica – Allows you to see things in a new way. Restores and revitalizes, help alleviates hopelessness.
  • Neroli Citrus aurantium – Helps facilitate creative energies when they are inspired by spiritual aspirations. Expands self into unlimitedness.
  • Ylang Ylang Extra Cananga odorata – Helps alleviate over-excited emotions when they are contradictory to personal wellbeing.
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