Custom Haute Parfums

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Over thirty years ago, while exploring the powers of my essential oils, something magical happened. I was guided to make a perfume for myself, to act as support for a particular goal... I anointed myself twice a day with the elixir. The fragrance helped me to make a shift in consciousness. I was able to focus, without overly obsessing and it helped me over the speed-bump that was in front of me. Suddenly. it became easier to flow through my day. "Flow with the go"... Because there is always something going on, and you need to flow through it!

 In an unusually short amount of time, what I desired happened! Now, every four months I establish a new set of Intentions, create the "elixir parfum," and along with an affirmation, the Parfum Alkemie carries me on a wave of inspiration towards my goals and dreams.


"my one-on-one session with Ixchel was a magical experience. As an aromatic alchemist, she leads clients through sessions to create unique scents based on essential oils that can be used to help you steer a path through life." 

- Josephine Fairley, Beauty Editor YOU Magazine, UK


 Library of Natural Essences

I am an Inspiritrix: she who inspires you. I create parfums as an alkemist that encourage balance of your body, mind, and spirit, and connect to your very special DNA. Through intuition and psychic abilities, I gently guide you, and together a transformational fragrance is composed. This is Haute Parfum Alkemie. 

All  parfums are created from "100% Authentic Nature" using essential oils, essences, raw materials, and absolutes. Always - no synthetic ingredients, not tested on animals, vegan, and gluten free. Following in the footsteps of the Ancient Egyptians, every parfum is blended in jojoba and sunflower, allowing them to also be nurturing for your skin. 


The Bottles

The Ancient Egyptians stored their medicines and perfumes in gold and violet glass amphoras. Ancient alchemists, the early chemists, appreciated the value of using violet glass for their concoctions. I have used violet glass bottles since 1997 for my custom parfum creations. Imported from Europe, the roll-on bottles are of ViolettGlas (TM) - These very special glass bottles are made from ground amethyst crystals. They appear black, but hold them up to the light and you will see the deep violet color along the bottle's opening rim. Used for homeopathic medicines and precious remedies in Europe, they protect your sacred parfum from the harmful sun's rays, while also increasing the vibrancy and potency of the ingredients. Unique. Rare. Exemplary. 


Live your dreams! I use my intuitive gifts to create your custom Parfum Alkemie. These parfums are adeptly formulated for a specific moment in time and tailored to you. The Parfum embodies your intentions and goals through it's unique alkemical formulation. It acts as a muse to inspire you, for your specific intentions, and to encourage your overall wellbeing.