Brilliant Parfum Affirmations Collection

Brilliant Parfum Affirmations Collection


Affirmations Collection

Brilliant Parfum - Homage to Ojai (Chumash; pronounced o-hi) - Valley of the Moon: A vale of citrus, accented with mysticism and a dash of bohemia. Sparks joy, deepens the celebration of Life, encourages adventure and renewal. This valley, like a phoenix, survived the Thomas Fire in December 2017 (largest in California history) when it was surrounded on all four sides by mountains and hills that burned. Affirmation for this parfum: "I am resilient and I thrive."

These Essential Oils offer their Parfum Alkemie support: 

  • Sweet Orange Citrus sinensis - Helps instill joy, generosity and happiness. Confirms the blessedness of being you and your unique gifts. Allows you to expel any sour feelings. Attracts good fortune.

  • Balsam Myroxylon peira - Aids in developing new directions and giving protection while doing so.

  • Palmarosa - Speeds up healing with focused intentions and to begin a new path of transformation.

  • Ylang Ylang Cananga odorata - Helps dispel anger and negative emotional states. Helps to alleviate over excited emotions or feelings that are contradictory to your wellbeing.

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