BRILLIANT - Affirmations - encourages adventure & renewal

BRILLIANT - Affirmations - encourages adventure & renewal

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Affirmations Collection


Parfum with Purpose: Life is lived by feeling uplifted and thriving! (Not feeling in a state of constant survival.) Sparks joy, deepens the celebration of Life, encourages adventure and renewal. 

BRILLIANT opens with citrusy fresh head notes of Sweet Orange and Petitgrain. Accented with a heart of mysticism by tropical Ylang YlangPatchouli brings in a dash of bohemia to the soul of this parfum. This fragrance pays homage to Ojai, means Moon in Chumash language. A town, when surrounded by fire in December 2017, was touched by a miracle: it not only survived, but it rose up and thrived!

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30 ml spray - $110

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100 ml spray - $290

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