Eternal Parfum Affirmations Collection

Eternal Parfum Affirmations Collection


Affirmations Collection

Eternal Parfum - The eternal essence of Life grows with confidence and faith in the Divine. Love, compassion, and joy deepens within oneself and for others. Ambery and woody, wrapped with rose and tropical flowers as base and head notes, this exotic fragrance holds extremely rare and precious essences for a deeply sensuous and etheric scent experience. Affirmation for this parfum: "I embrace the eternal deepening."

These Essential Oils offer their Parfum Alkemie support: 

  • Fossilized Amber Pinus succinifera - Aids the art of manifestation to bring desires to reality. Assists making choices, renewal, and feeling safe.
  • Emerald Cypress Callitris columellaris - gives strength to help find the purest of your Soul's desires. Enhances memories of your Soul's truly intended purpose. Assists you through transitions.
  • Rose de Mai Rosa centifolia L.- From unusual cabbage roses. Helps you to see the larger picture of any situation. With love, speaks to your heart.
  • Ylang Ylang Cananga odorata - Supports your highest aspirations so you can rise to meet your optimum self.
  • Neroli Citrus aurantium - Stands for the purity of the highest aspects of yourself. Enhances all creativity (originates in the sacral chakra) and assists you to spiritualize sexuality, balancing the physical with the spiritual. Assists bringing your aspirations into focus, and yourself into unlimitedness.
  • Buddha Wood Eremophila mitchelli Benth. - Enhances meditation. Allows us to go beyond your physical body and to see that your essence is a spiritual being, and that you are having a physical experience.
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