ILLUME - Element Air - manifesting changes

ILLUME - Element Air - manifesting changes

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Air Element

Parfum with Purpose: Manifesting changes. Helps open your individuation, taking you to the deeper levels of your origins. 

Element of Air/Wind speaks to your Mind. Your Mind is as the Air: an innate intelligence, moving, and fresh, if you seek with openness. 

ILLUME - Ancient sacredness blended alchemically using roots, fruit, and flowers with just a whisper of enigmatic wonder. Herby May Chang and Rose Geranium are bright head notes. A heart of fruity Cassie and earthy Davana cradle possibilities. A soul rich with sacred Jatamansi, a Frankincense Melody (several types), and Cedarwood from high up in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains offer etheric and intrinsic promises.

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