Mystique Parfum/Earth Element

Mystique Parfum/Earth Element


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Mystique Parfum/Earth Element - A naturally dark green fragrance carries the mystery of Nature. Herbs, fruits and woods collected from countries in the western climes of the globe. Elevates your psyche and connects you deeply to Nature and to your own essential nature. Invigorating and energizing for the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Helps unite your physical body to your spiritual self for greater endurance and overall fortitude.

These Essential Oils offer their Parfum Alkemie support:

  • Lavender Lavandula augustifolia - eases spirit, helps bring energy centers of body, chakras and aura, into balance

  • Elemi Canarium luzonicum - helps feel grounded, secure and connected to life

  • Mandarin Citrus reticulate - offers child-like innocence that sees the most positive in things

  • Orange Citrus sinensis - brings in generosity, joy, & happiness

  • Nagarmotha (Cypriol) Cyperus scabious R. Br. - balancing energy/earth element, the mysteries of Life unfold

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