Passion Parfum Affirmations Collection

Passion Parfum Affirmations Collection


Affirmations Collection

Passion Parfum - Deepens your expression of Love. Helps remove obstacles to opening your heart. Love Elixir - Unconditional love and reciprocal love. An essence of chocolate and rose. helps to remove obstacles to opening your heart and allowing LOVE into your Life. Receiving Love nurtures you. Feeling reciprocal love enlivens you. Exotic. Precious. Mouthwatering. Affirmation for this parfum: "I am love and love comes to me."

These Essential Oils offer their Parfum Alkemie support:

  • Cacao Absolute Theobroma cacao L. - An aroma of the finest dark chocolate, enticing and hard to resist. Gives comfort to your wellbeing. Tenacious, hardy, yet spicy, helps instill the idea that you can do anything!

  • Rose Otto Rosa damascena - Rose Otto is of the goddesses, truly and undeniably a sacred oil. Rose has the capacity to heal emotional heart pain. It calls forth both Divine and earthly love.

  • Cardamom Elettarria cardamomum - Stirs your creative energies. With visualizations, helps to draw love or intimate relationships closer to you.

  • Melissa Melissa officinalis - Comforting, helps dispel fear and regret, and brings acceptance and understanding to any situation. Helps to usher in spiritual unity into your awareness.

  • Owyhee Artemesia ludoviciana "I dance in the sun, the rain, and celebrate Life in every moment. I help ease your tensions and allow you to flow with the winds of change." Subtly spicy, strongly fruity, powerful earthly scent.

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