Harmonie Parfum/Water Element

Harmonie Parfum/Water Element


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Harmonie Parfum/Water Element - A walk through the deepest forests and you emerge to encounter luminous ocean mists. Blended using ingredients from countries in the northern climes of the globe. Ancient trees, essences from the oceans, and flowers create an intriguing light and fresh mélange. Refreshes, calms, eases jet lag, softens emotional pain, regenerates, renews, and opens pathways for any transitions.

These Essential Oils offer their Parfum Alkemie support:

  • Black Spruce Picea mariana - inhale life and breathe, uplifts adrenals
  • Choya Nakh Essence of seashells - through the waters of the seas: cleansing, purification, balancing water energy/element
  • Juniper Berry Juniperus communis - refreshes and replenishes
  • Rose Otto Rosa damascena - eases grief, sorrow and despair
  • Yarrow Achillea millefolium - helps heal stubborn emotional pain


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